Audio and Video Ministry is to ensure that all graphical and video presentations, as well as sound control and all multimedia functions are done with professionalism and quality to the glory of God.  The Audio Video Ministry serves the congregation whenever a need for technological equipment is present.  This ministry serves every audience of the church, by recording and capturing the essence of the worship service and other services held at the Church. 

Christian Education Ministry is responsible for working with and assisting all Ministries of the Church to ensure that the Christian Education component of each ministry is meeting the needs of its members and maintaining the vision and mission foundation of HBC. 

Culinary Ministry plans, prepares and serves delicious and healthy meals for all church activities and special events.

Deacons/Deaconess Ministry assists the pastor in proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers, provide care for church members and other persons of the community, and provide Christian leadership in order to help the church attain its spiritual mission.

Drama Ministry serves the Lord by presenting His word in a more creative way; through skits, plays and dramatic and interpretive readings. If we can draw one more soul to Christ, then we are doing His bidding as true servants.

Missionary Ministry serves as an outreach ministry in proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of God to the world by assisting with human needs. It enhances the church’s awareness and participation in the area of humanitarian outreach throughout the world thus enabling a forum for soul-winning.

Music Ministry is to minister to the congregation by presenting, proclaiming, and praising God through our worship in music and songs to the Glory of God and the edification of the parishioners. It is made up of seven distinct choirs, chorus, and groups with an excellent musical accompaniment (drums, guitar, organ, and piano) for the purpose of providing a music ministry for all worship services of the church and other services outside of the physical boundaries of the church as needed.

Programs and Planning Ministry is responsible for planning and implementing all historical events of the church (Homecoming, Anniversary, Installations, etc.); and review and approve program outlines for all other ministries.  (Note:  The members of this Ministry are the Presidents of all ministries of the church.)

Scholarship/Education Ministry is a twofold ministry.  The Scholarship Ministry was established in November, 2012.  This Ministry’s mission is to encourage higher education for youth who are high school graduates and working adults who are returning to school to upgrade their skills.  All recipients must be members of the church and actively engaged in one or more ministries. Funds are distributed twice a year, once each semester, according to availability. Education Ministry monitors the academic and behavior of each child enrolled in grades k-12.  Parents/students turn in grades to this ministry each quarter.  If grades are deficient, parents can request tutoring which will be provided at the church. If students are experiencing behavioral difficulties, parents can give permission for a select committee to visit teachers and administrators to discuss difficulties. Students are rewarded twice a year for their academic success.

Sunday School Ministry supports, encourages and promotes teaching and studying of the Bible and leading others to Christ.  There are different class groups for different ages. 

Trustee Ministry assists in collecting and counting of the church offerings and finances.  Manages the upkeep of the church’s contents and physical structure, which includes the inside, outside, and lawn areas; as well as any other properties that may belong to the church or assigned to the Trustee Ministry’s care and trust. 

Trustee Wives Ministry reaches out to the community on an as needed basis and supports the Missionary Ministry.

Usher’s Ministry greets and seats worshippers as they enter the sanctuary, assists with the collection of tithes/offerings, and performs any other needs that may enhance the comfort of the congregation and the worship service.

YWA Ministry (Young Women’s Auxiliary) is a ministry of young women for mission study, personal evangelism and mission. The YWA is a plan of organizations which works to involve young women in God’s redemptive work in today’s world. It is a fellowship designed to help young women to be God’s redeemed ones and TO DO work to bring others into the fellowship of the redeemed.

Youth Ministry is to lead, direct, and guide the youth in the way the Lord would have them to go.  This will be done by providing spiritual mentoring, Christian leadership through talk sessions, Etiquette guidance, and Bible education. 

Prayer Warriors Ministry – Formerly known as the Pastor’s Aid Ministry – serves as the praying ministry of the church. The Prayer Warriors Ministry regularly intercedes on behalf of others before God.  Although in constant prayer for the pastor and the church as a whole, this ministry receives calls from those that want special prayer throughout the week.  The Ministry provides a means for those that need prayer to contact the leader of this ministry to reach out to its members so that the ministry members can pray together in intercessory pray.

When a guest or member enters the church a greeter is waiting to provide a warm and genuine word of welcome, while serving on the front lines of the church hospitality ministry and provide a positive first impression for guests and have a key role in setting the tone for the worship experience. 

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