History of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church

Hopewell Baptist Church grew out from High Hills Baptist Church in 1876 with Reverend J. Capers as the founder and first pastor.

The name Hopewell was formed when they departed from High Hills Baptist Church and the members of High Hills said, “We Hope You Well.”  The first worship services were held under a brush arbor for a few years. Reverend J. Capers chose a committee of seven to go with him to Mr. Robert Brownfield’s house to purchase land to build the church on. The seven members were: Reverend Capers, Deacon Robert Bolden, Deacon William Cohen, Mr. Richard Roach, Mrs. Clarissa Howard, Mrs. Amelia Slater and Mrs. Louis Grant. Mr. Robert Brownfield gave the land to the church.  The Grant Family of Grant Hill Baptist Church donated the material for the foundation of our church. The members of the church planted an extra acre of cotton and used the money from it to finish building the church.  

The following pastors served after Reverend J. Capers:  Reverend Theodore Diggs (45 years); Reverend Miles; Reverend Ross; Reverend Holmes (1924-25); Reverend H. D. Dupree (1925-32); Reverend H. W. White (1932-36), Reverend M. M. Battie (1936-52); Reverend Dr. L. W. Walker, Sr. (1952-2002), and Reverend C. Hilton, Jr. (2003-2004).  

Reverend Dr. Walker, Sr. retired in 2002 after 50 years of dedicated service. Under his leadership, the new Hopewell Baptist Church was built in 1965. The committee that purchased the land for the new church from Mr. George Benehaley were: Mr. Tallis Yates, Mr. Booker T. Dawson, and Mr. Walker Diggs. The church was paid for within seven years. An Education and Fellowship Hall was added in 1993. In January 1999, the Educational and Fellowship Hall was named:  The L. W. Walker, Sr. Educational Fellowship Hall. The Fellowship Hall was paid off in August of 2000. The church’s yard was paved in 1999. The church completed renovation of the sanctuary in March of 2002.  

Under Reverend Dr. Walker’s leadership many auxiliaries were organized. They are The Gospel Choir; Pastor’s Aid Club, Brotherhood, Youth Choir, L. W. Walker Adult Choir, Children’s Choir and the Inspirational Choir.  In 1995, service began every Sunday with Reverend Charles Gadson as our Assistant Pastor.  

Reverend Clarence Hilton, Jr. was Hopewell’s first fulltime pastor. Under his leadership the Brotherhood was reactivated, new members’ classes were implemented. Wednesday night bible study, serving communion on the first Sunday of each month were also implemented and the C.A.R.E. (Churches Armed to Revitalize Education) initiative was implemented in conjunction with the Wateree Baptist Association Lower Division.  

Rev. Richard Addison was elected Interim Pastor in October 2006 and made Permanent Pastor May 2007. Under Rev. Addison, the Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Study, and Hopewell Baptist Scholarship were established.  The music ministry was restructured by adding the Mass Choir, Sanctuary Choir and Praise Ministry. The finance Ministry’s computer system was upgraded and additional computers were added to aid the youth with after school research, training, and ministry. The Young People’s Ministry was also established to support the youth in their spiritual growth and development. Additional upgrades to the Media Ministry include the church’s website (hopewellbaptistchurchsc.com), Facebook page and Zoom.

Assistant pastors who have served since 1975 were: Reverend Elijah Bolden, Reverend Charles Gadson,  Reverend Abe Dennis Jr., Reverend Melvin Butler, Reverend Lewis Walker Jr., Reverend Kenneth Choice, Reverend Kenneth Barker, Reverend Isaac Johnson, Reverend Burt D. Lewis, Reverend Anthony Taylor, Reverend Selvin Jones, Reverend Gary Miller, Reverend Durant Jenkins, Reverend Roosevelt Williams, and Reverend Willie Jones.  

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